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David Poppo


David worked for Imperial Schrade for about 13 years before they went out of business. While working for Schrade he became the companies most experienced knife sharpener edgeing well over 1,000,000 blades for them.


David made decisions as to which belts, buffing wheels and buffing compounds we were to use because it yielded a sharper & longer lasting edge. He gathered all this info from a $80,000.00 computer edge testing machine (catra edge tester There was at that time only 21 of those machines in the world.


For months He played around with different belts, edge angles (which were measured with a lazar, polishing wheels & polishing compounds to find out which combination worked the best. After all this He designed all of their new edgeing machines in the factory. His sharpening bussiness uses the same macherinerythat he designed for Schrade giving you an edge on your knife that no one in the sharpening industry can match.


What He does is not really resharpen the knife but actually cut a new cutting edge on the blade. The process that he uses will not remove any temper from the blade at all and it will also be easier for you to resharpen it your self when it starts to get dull after a period of time.





Razor's Edge Sharpness Guarantee:

David Poppo guarantees that he can put an edge on your knives that will effortlessly shave the hair off your arm or he will refund your money (cost of sharpening + return shipping). There is no argument here, if he’s unsatisfied on how your knives came out, he will refund your money and return your knives. David is sure your knives will be more than sharp enough for you. His standards are professional grade.