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Pricing and Shipping
$3.00 per knife (no matter how many blades in that knife) or blades up to 15 inches.

$6.00 per blade for anything over 15 inches.

If the blade has a broken tip it will be fixed at no extra charge (see photos).

Postal Money Orders are preferred. Personal checks may delay your service.

Most of the time it’s about 7 days from the day you send it to me till you get your knives back.





How to ship to Razor's Edge:

You may ship via the US Post Office. Ship your item in a safe and secure box. Be sure to include your payment for the cost of the service and the shipping back to you.

If you have a lot of knives it pays to use a Prority mail flat rate box. If the knives are not in sheaths please wrap them in old news paper to prevent them from cutting through the side of the box.

Your sharpened knives will be sent back to you with a delivery confirmation packaged in a safe and secure manner.






Razor's Edge Sharpness Guarantee:

David Poppo guarantees that he can put an edge on your knives that will effortlessly shave the hair off your arm or he will refund your money (cost of sharpening + return shipping). There is no argument here, if he’s unsatisfied on how your knives came out, he will refund your money and return your knives. David is sure your knives will be more than sharp enough for you. His standards are professional grade.